Kestrel Beer Shows Support For ‘Podcasting 101’

‘Podcasting 101’ is an event that involved training starters and businessmen on the

importance of podcasts in attracting customers, standing out amongst competitors and,

starting and maintaining a successful podcast.

23/10/18 – Kestrel Beer was one of the top brands that sponsored the latest and very

successful edition of the ‘Braw Blogger Podcasting 101 Event’. Kestrel Beer contributed to the overall success of the event by supplying bottles of 9% beer to attendees as refreshment.

The ‘Braw Blogger’ event taught its attendants how to plan their business by using podcasts. Being a fun and interactive event a lot of practical aspects of podcasting was shown through excellent demonstrations which showed the importance of podcasting and how helpful it can be to startups. Activities were also carried out with the technical areas of podcasting simplified for newbies.

Information on how podcasts would help a business and also how to integrate it into the

business content and marketing strategy were also taught and discussed. Kestrel Beer’s

support was severely appreciated by organizers of the event, with a representative enthusing, “Kestrel’s contributions were appreciated. They made sure attendants of our events didn’t lack beer with supplies. Although, they were needing something special, and were so hard to get on board for freebies, they gave their all, so yah, we appreciate them”. Other supporters of the event were Seedlip who supplied drinks, and Brockmans, who handled Social media engagement.

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About Kestrel

Kestrel lager was a hugely popular and successful brand in the 1980s and 1990s when it was supported with much-enjoyed advertising campaigns featuring the comedians and actors Hugh Laurie and Russ Abbot. Having maintained a loyal following in subsequent years, in 2012 its quality and potential were recognised by Nigel McNally, the MD of the then brand owner, who decided to take the bold step of purchasing the Kestrel lager beer brand and setting up the Kestrel Brewing Company in order to nurture and develop it.

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