How to take (your product) yourself to market.

It’s 2019 and you have realised that you are your brand. You are your product. There is very little differentiation between an artist or business owner, and the product or service that they are taking to market. Even politicians are deprived of obscurity in this digital age and are expected to be publicly tweeting, people centric personalities. So, what does this mean for artists and companies? It means utilising social media to market yourself as the face of your brand and build a genuine rapport with your demographic. Before you think about production work, packaging, expensive campaigns and PR, ask yourself – who are YOU to your target audience? Why are they interested in what you do and what do they want to hear? Your personality should be indelibly evident throughout your brand

– I cannot convey how important this.

People don’t want to engage with one dimensional illusionist companies anymore – in fact my research shows that people respond most positively to content that is the whole 360 on you, your product and the journey led you to this point of delivering your product. That means being active on social media to stay relevant, behind the scenes content of what you do and sharing your brand so that other people feel a part of it. You no longer have anonymity, and we can use that to your up most advantage.

Retrospectively, people respond best to other people and conversational brands. Your social media and website should become a flow of seemingly direct conversation between you and your demographic. If your ideal fan / customer was standing right in front of you – think of exactly what would you talk to them about instinctively to engage them with your brand? Now, imagine you’re them for a second, think about what you would want to hear to enthral you and create loyalty to your brand – is it different from what you would have talked to them about by default? If so then you need to alter the tone of your social media presence.

Campaigns should be centred with this direct conversation approach in mind. No matter how long a process it is before what you do becomes customer facing, remember that at the very end of this process is a person, sitting as you are now, reading from a device. You can take this approach and still be mystifying, formal and on brand, but remember any contact with the internet is contact with an individual; value them, understand them and regularly reward them for their valuable time.

When I start a new marketing consultancy project, I regularly ask people what they their target audience would like to see from them, and the most common response is “I’m not sure. How do I find that out?” The answer is extremely simple: ask them! Literally! Just ask them on Facebook or create an Instagram poll asking what kind of content they prefer or hope to receive from you. There often doesn’t have to be a big spend behind your research.

Additionally, within your content you need to focus on your USP. Everyone has one and it can focus on absolutely anything you like, but what I will stress is that we live in an image – led age of marketing. For example, with any labels / musicians that I work with I usually start by telling them that this is, initially, the most important aspect to getting your music to market. The reality is that someone is most likely going to see an image of you before they hear your music. Soundcloud rap culture revolves around this type of branding, for example: Xxxtentacion, Ski Mask The Slump God and Lil Pump all quickly gained fascination and fan bases due to their hairstyles, face tattoos and dress sense. I guarantee you that even 90% of fans followed an internet trail to their music by being

interested in how they present themselves in some way.

Lastly, the way to set your content apart is to make it three dimensional. If you’re a personal trainer, it’s not enough to see content of you working out – I want you to share pictures of you before you got in to such good shape, talk about how you managed to get motivated enough to workout how so often and how other people can do the same. If you’re a makeup artist – why? Is it because you love making people feel good about themselves, or because you loved the theatre as a child and fell in love with makeup artistry? Then make a new post and tell people! Potential clients are always far

more likely to hand over their money to someone that is fully immersed and in love with what they do.

So the next time you’re starting any social media post or campaign, remember what it is to drove you to do what you do for a living. Get better at your job every day, become obsessed with it and then shout about it on social media.

"Our Content Manager , Rebekah, shares her best marketing consultancy advice to help you  utilise social media to build a successful relationship with your target audience and take your brand to the next level."

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