Brands and Bloggers Brings you a Day of Fun, Networking, and Entertainment

The daily hustle of the professional world eventually takes a toll on our personal lives. Caught in a rat race, we humans have forgotten the true meaning and essence of life. Working hard is essential, however taking time out to unwind and relax is equally crucial.

Brand and Bloggers provide you an opportunity where you can utilize a holiday to spend some quality time with your friends and family. The event being held on the 27th of May at Edinburgh facilitates networking for business purposes and entertainment with an elite panel of speakers that consists of the following people.

● Markus Helbig [The host of the event - also the Cultural Coordinator of Macbackpackers]●

Victoria Macdonald [Co-Founder and Blogger at Aye PR●

Ian Lebruce [Marketing Head at Ignite your Brand]

● Lesley Stewart [Content Writer and Specialist]

● Gemma Armit [Travel Blogger and Digital Content Creator]

Troy and Tracy [YouTube Gaming Duo], and many more.

The event not only pertains to blogging and bloggers, but it also looks to promote fashion, food, and entertainment on the whole.

Workshops are also being organized which will be hosted by:

● How to use a digital camera to perfection by Jeremy Lavender

● Making your own personalized sent by Ladies Love Fragrance

● The truth about Nutrition and Fitness by Michael Ulloa

● Wine Tasting by Bibo Wine and Events

The passes are available only at £15.51 with which an individual can enjoy unlimited food and drinks. Brand and Bloggers is an ideal event if you wish to build your connections and meet new people who will not only positively inspire you but will also be beneficial for your business potentially in the long run. At the same time, it also acts a perfect getaway for your family as it offers top-notch entertainment and fun-filled activities.

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