Bringing Brands & Bloggers Togeather

Conferences and workshops bringing networking, learning and relationship building between bloggers and brands. 

We are innovative, creative and up with modern technology.

We do training/leadership, team building skill retreats, and product launch events.


Gathering Scotland's top social media individuals, start-up entrepreneurs and interesting social media fanatics to network, meet the experts and participate in the many exciting workshop opportunities. This is like no other event.

Create an account, start blogging, get noticed and networking.



When it comes to bloggers and events, we have the knowledge and experience. 
We have a great portfolio of brands and bloggers that we bring together at events on regular events to help present, speak, and run workshops. 
If you are a brand and want to get yourself or a new product noticed we can help you. We offer a range of different launches, promotional events, or even just a gathering!​​

What We Do...

  • Create events related to all forms of social media/marketing/ SEO and business 

  • Social Media Promotions - Giving a short term boost to our clients’ social media efforts.

  • Company launches and inviting influencers 

  • Affiliate support and brand awareness.

  • Digital campaigns, of every size! Creating industry gatherings. Blogger meets and workshops.

  • Help with SEO Producing content that Google will love!